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How to Buy an Investment Property Without Losing Your Shirt

It's smart to get experienced property investment advice before wandering into the investment property market. Knowing what and how to invest in property will help avoid the mistakes that over 90% 0f property investors make. Fortunately for most, property can be very forgiving.

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Buying an investment property? Let the Taxman help cashflow it!!!

Strong capital growth is the goal when buying an investment property, but who is going to pay the bills while waiting for your ship to come in?

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Older properties come with headaches

Huge rental yields are required (if even achievable) on older properties to avoid having to take money out of your own pocket every week

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Renovators delight, forget about your weekends

Not for the inexperienced. What initially can look like a bargain can turn into a two year nightmare without a tenant.

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10 fundamentals for a successful investment

Investing in property can be a satisfying and rewarding experience when you have a plan and work the plan.

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